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How does this work, what's the catch?

There's absolutely no catch! When you complete one of our offers you immediately get redirected to a page that has your unique  Shark Card codes, you can redeem these on PSN and Xbox live by entering the code you get. The people that you refer to us and the offers you complete covers the cost of the Shark Card codes through our advertisers. If we happen to run out of Gta Shark Cards, you will instead be given an Amazon Gift code redeemable on until we restock on the Cards.  If we are under heavy load it can Sometimes take a few minutes after having completed an offer before the database catches up, if this happens just refresh your browser and click on the offer again, if it shows as complete wait a few minutes and the card will unlock.

What are GTA Shark Card Codes and what are they used for?

gta shark cards are codes that give you currency in grand theft auto online. Each denomination is called after a different type of shark, hence the name shark cards. You can redeem the free shark cards via the rockstar social club redeem page, after which the amount of money stated on the card is automatically added to your grand theft auto online characters bank account. You can buy all sorts of awesome gear, vehicles, property and even custom license plates with your in game cash. A few examples include: A sweet beach apartment, a luxurious yacht , armored and exotic cars, and soon maybe even your own strip club! Rockstar constantly releases new free DLC for GTA online, which adds new things to buy with your cash. There is a new DLC update about once every 2 months. Every update adds new vehicles and other items, some even add new property's to buy. Using our free gta shark cards you can enjoy your time gaming instead of grinding missions for cash! Check out the About GTA Online page for more info on some of the content updates the game has had, since launch a ton of new items vehicles and weapons have been introduced to the game which you can spend your free gta shark cards cash on! You can check out info on these updates on the about GTA Online page.

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